Wioski with different disk configurations and UEFI

Here’s a very helpful post from one Wioski user from Island. Big thanks to Björgvin Arnar Björgvinsson for sharing this.

If you ever suspect that you are having this problem there’s a work around although I aim to fix it in the next release:

  1. Install Wioski on one of the affected Computers
  2. Using SET-command see if the GUID and GUID_ORIG are faulty like here (both should have a {90372523dsaf-4545-…} like value)
  3. 2014-06-02_11-04-07
  4. Goto D:\Boot folder and run:
  5. 2014-06-02_11-14-14
  6. Find the CORRECT value, like 34,1 in this case:
  7. 2014-06-02_11-15-52
  8. Update your Unatttend file on your Wioski-media (for example: unattend_x64_8.xml)
  9. <Path>setx GUID /F d:\boot\guid.out /A 34,1 /M</Path>

Now you should have a working installation media.

I’ve changed the value to the 2.1 installation files so if you downloaded before 2nd of June you can first try to download a new version!


And here’s the post from Björgvin Arnar Björgvinsson:

Hi Sami
Great work on Wioski, I am currently considering using it to deploy kiosk at a customer site.
I downloaded the new version the minute I got the newsletter to test Windows 8.1.
Just wanted to let you know that (in my case at least) the identifier line in guid.out is number 34 not 32
Probably some changes in bcdedit in Windows 8.1
In my case the following line were added in guid.out
recoverysequence    {guid}
This prevents boot to WinPE so the creation of diff1 and diff2 files will never happen and change to kiosk mode will not work  properly.
The OS installs fine and nothing seems to be wrong with it but the diff1 and diff2 files are not there.
I changed the unattend_x64_8.xml
<Path>setx GUID /F d:\boot\guid.out /A 34,1 /M</Path>
Then everything works fine
Another thing – in uefi mode all kinds of extra lines appear in bcdedit /enum results
One idea; maybe use bcdedit /enum /v | findstr identifier
Then you can be sure this will be in 3,1 
Thank you.
Greetings from Iceland
PS. I was at the Nyherji event when you came to Iceland earlier this year.
Björgvin Arnar Björgvinsson