Adminize yourself!

I was just informed that my session had the best evaluations of 2012 for Microsoft STEP events globally! Jiihaa!

I work currently as a Senior Technical Fellow at my own company Adminize.
I’m an MVP Windows Expert-ITPro since 2011 and I’m part of the Microsoft STEP. I train and consult everything that has something to do with OS Deployment, management, security and troubleshooting and have been doing it for the past 18 years – more than half of my life.
I’ve been an MCT for more than 12 years and I’ve been speaking to audiences from tens to thousands globally.
I’m also a diving instructor, jogger, snowboarder, driver, dad of two beautiful daughters and a husband to my lovely wife.
Easiest way to read my contributions is to follow me on Twitter @samilaiho
You can reach me via email at sami (atsign) adminize (dotsign) com

Websites and blogs

I’ve got plenty of certifications to prove my expertise

  • MCSE+i NT4
  • MCSE2000
  • MCSE+Security/Messaging 2003
  • MCT
  • GCWN
  • SCSE
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Windows7/Vista/Server 2008
  • MCITP * 6
  • Windows 8 MCTS
  • OWSI and MFAI

I’ve been presenting in numerous conferences like

  • Vista Launch 2006
  • Server 2008 Launch 2008
  • Techdays 2008
  • Techdays 2009
  • Techdays 2010 (voted #2 out of 150 sessions)
  • Techdays 2011 (voted #1,#2 and #4 out of 150 sessions – for reference
  • Techdays 2012 (voted #2 and #8 out of 150)

In english

  • MCT Summit 2011 Stockholm
  • MCT Summit 2011 San Francisco
  • MCT Summit 2012 Warsaw (voted as best session and speaker – video available at:
  • Techmentor 2012 Redmond
  • TechEd USA (in the top 20 in evals)
  • TechEd Europe (Best session by an external speaker)
  • TechEd Australia (Best session, Best Speaker)